If you are having difficulty raising capital for your mining project you have come to the right place. COM sees your project as a "real asset' and will help you get to where you want to be. COM are serious about placing your project with our Funding Group.

As discrete Professional Introducers, we have a strong value proposition to leverage on your behalf as we are direct to the capital needed to aid your project or sale. We deal with only bona fide and serious projects. For this, we charge nothing upfront for our services. At this time we are only accepting serious inquiries for Gold Mining Operations in the U. We receive countless inquiries and as a result email is the preferred method of inquiry for consideration: goldminefunding gmail.

Email: goldminefunding gmail. All Rights Reserved. Private Placement: The transaction described herein is for the purchase of negotiable instruments as described above to be sold by the Seller to the Buyer, and is to be conducted as a Private and Confidential transaction between the parties hereto.

Non-Solicitation: The Buyer hereby acknowledges and confirms that neither the Seller nor its associates, nor any person acting on behalf of the Seller have made any statement or offer in any way whatsoever that can be construed to be a solicitation for this service.Full scale activities can now be accelerated safely in the knowledge that all funds required to develop our third gold mine will be available when the conditions precedent to drawdown are satisfied.

Planning of this exploration is underway and we hope to be able to progressively announce the results of an exciting FY exploration programme. Perseus Mining updates Sissingue Gold Mine resource. Perseus Mining Limited. Read the latest issue of Mining Global here. The borrowers are Perseus Mining Limited, the parent entity of the Perseus group of companies, and certain operating subsidiaries.

gold mine funding

Terms of the facility are typical of a corporate line of credit of this type. Kinross has filed a new technical report for its Paracatu operation in Brazil - a cornerstone, long-life operation in its portfolio expected to produce an average of Au koz. Hindustan Zinc: a new mining paradigm from Vedanta How Hindustan Zinc, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources, is aiming to make its flagship Sindesar Khurd and Rampura Agucha operations the most advanced digital mines in the world.

Email Address. Search social1 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube. Gold Africa. By Daniel Brightmore. Jul 09,PM. Latest Issues February. Anglo American rescheduling Chile operations to combat coronavirus. Continue Reading. Barrick Gold Corporation Gold Sustainability. Kinross has filed a new technical report for its Paracatu operationā€¦ Read more.We provide innovative finance to medium scale mining operations enabling them to initiate or increase production.

Our team has decades of experience in the mining industry, financing, building and operating precious and base metal mines. We identify high-grade, low-cost development stage gold mining projects to invest in through our innovative streaming and royalty financing. We make up-front payments to purchase part of their future production at a price below the market price. The mining company receives capital through immediately monetising part of its future production without diluting shareholders.

After the mine is in production Raptor will receive the gold and then sell it for a profit. Unlike mining companies, Raptor buys gold at a fixed price without having to invest in exploration, development, or operations of the project. A huge opportunity has been created by institutional investors, banks and larger acquisitive mining companies simply because they deem gold resources of less than 1 million oz to be too small for investment.

Therefore, many mining operations are unable to find viable funding sources. We select high-grade, low-cost, viable mining projects with gold resources of k-1m oz from geographically diverse jurisdictions to create a diversified portfolio of gold streaming assets - securing gold inflows and liquidity.

Our big opportunity is to cherry-pick from hundreds of medium-scale gold mining projects seeking capital. A Competent Persons report indicates that a potential recoverable resource ofounces of high grade gold is available. It will take 8 years to recover theounces. Once the mine is in production, we have the right to receive every second ounce of gold produced from the first 96, ounces i.

This project under assessment. We are carrying out due diligence. Raptor is thorough. Our due diligence process is key to success. We look at all the risks and mitigation before making an investment. Geology, Metallurgy and Mine Engineering due diligence is carried out by globally renowned consultants overseen by the experienced Raptor team. Raptor select local firms specialising in natural resources, who understand the local law and mining regulations.

We ensure full ownership and rights to mine before proceeding. Raptor must evaluate political and security risks in each jurisdiction to assess the level of risk, we consult with risk experts before costing or transferring the risk.Securing funding for mining projects can be a difficult task as there can be many issues and red tape.

gold mine funding

Large-scale mining projects can involve challenges due to political risk and instability depending on the location of the project. They can also be environmentally and socially sensitive, subject by its nature to increasingly stringent planning laws and implementation requirements. Considerations for funding mining projects include; the amount of debt on account, poor infrastructure and safety factors.

These factors serve to limit the interest of international commercial banks, thus project directors looking elsewhere for the main source of mining funding.

Issues of concern to potential lenders can include:. Some global coal mine businesses are closing operations as countries are becoming more engaged in using greener, natural resources to power the planet. Their value increases as they are manufactured for use of everyday items such as in mobile phone and computer technology and other green tech inventions. In saying that, lenders are still happy to fund viable mining projects which need significant investment over long period of time.

Many measures are put in place to lessen funder risk. They can put payments in escrow accounts, utilize hedging programs, project backing with debt instruments and political risk insurance. With your project proposal, you may be asked to submit an assay report such as a National Instrument Each case is looked at individually as every mining project have different needs.

If you require bank instrumentswe are happy to assist. Funders recognize the potentials and pit falls as well as challenges which may occur when assessing the projects needs. Areas of mining:. Main stream focus nowadays is leaning towards a renewable energy and circular economies to reduce wastes and emissions. Is your business designed to address these issues? Are you environmentally responsible?

Funding Mining Projects

What does your company do to limit environmental destruction? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.Nola Capital Corporation.

A common mistake many mine owners make is prejudging what is possible and not investigating all types of financing. There have been many mining projects financed from new sources of capital that did not even exist before Equity capital is also harder to source but it can still be done if the project is exceptional.

We want good projects even in these challenging times. If you have a good project and are willing to follow the rules you can get funded. And second, the terms of the fundings are attractive at a time when other forms of funding are demanding terms that would not be considered in normal times.

Alternative Capital Financing The strength of the client's project is a major factor in determining if alternative capital financing is available. The funding is non-recourse and repayment is structured to meet the client's long term objectives. Please c lick here for more information about alternative capital f inancing. We completed our first energy financing in and over the past 4 2 years we have helped our clients during the volatile and clients are faced with a problem raising enough capital.

The wisest course of action now is to consider different financing methods that are better suited for today's economic environment. If you are thinking of refinancing, divesting assets or acquiring energy assets we may be able to provide financing for your transaction with terms far better than what you are currently expecting in today's challenging times.

Show us your project and we will tell you what is possible. Please c lick here for more infor m ation on alternative capital f inancing.The sad fact is that in almost all cases Banks do not lend money on mining projects. Rather than tell you this, they will accept your application, waste your time, and never give you a decision.

Therefore almost all mining projects are funded by private investors and private investors groups. So getting funding for your mining project is best done by getting listed on our site and presenting your project to investors worldwide. By linking your ad to the investors opportunities page, it easy for investors to look at the listings which are looking for funding.

How a gold miner turned a $1 million investment into $3 billion

Your listing will also appear on the main page and other appropriate listing directories throughout the site getting lots of exposure. It is important to understand that venture capitalists require a high return on their money or they will go elsewhere. Mining involves risk and investors must be rewarded or they will find safer places for their money.

Most mining companies can easily absorb the high cost of funds if it means that they can begin or increase production.

Mining Investors

If they cannot, they are in the wrong business. To submit your listing click here and follow the instructions. We use the same general procedure to submit a funding or joint venture request as we use for a sale, lease, or option listing.When Rob McEwen bought the Red Lake Mine back inhe was told that the half-a-century-old Ontario gold source was near the end of its life.

To do it, he says, the company must look beyond organic growth, taking part in a rising tide of deal making in the sector. But the buried treasure proved elusive ā€” and after boosting its exploration efforts during a month labor dispute, the company was determined to strike gold.

The competition, unheard of in the industry, was dubbed the Goldcorp Challenge. The tactic worked. McEwen and Cook were among the judges of that contest. Inhis mother and sister died within months of each other. McEwen confessed that the tragedies forced him to do take a step back and do some soul searching.

Gold Corp. McEwen says the company turned its shares around by working to generate free cash flow. It announced a capital distribution in mid ā€” a semiannual payment of a penny a share a year.

Operations continued to improve throughafter which the company started to buy back its shares.

gold mine funding

McEwen Mining has none on its balance sheet. Metals prices, meanwhile, have started to improve. NEM, McEwen also sees potential in other smaller mining companies, which he believes are poised to outperform larger ones as they seek growth.

Raghistan Gold Mine Second Biggest Funding Source For Taliban

That hurt them when prices for the metal took a three-year plunge that ended in The gold industry classifies mining companies as senior, intermediate, or junior ā€” terms generally associated with market capitalization, gold production, or some combination; juniors are generally small-caps in the exploratory or early development phase. There were in all of This is happening as McEwen forecasts steep appreciation in gold in the coming years after three straight declines.

As some countries have moved to negative yields on government-issued debt, McEwen said, some investors have been drawn to gold and other alternatives to stocks and bonds. So far this year, McEwen said, so-called junior mining companies have been among the best ways to invest in gold. While some juniors and intermediates had suffered from high-cost operations and bad balance sheets, according to McEwen, they are now generating superior returns.

AKG, Hope is triumphing over evidence. Myra P. Saefong, assistant global markets editor, has covered the commodities sector for MarketWatch for 20 years.

She has spent the bulk of her years at the company writing the daily Futures Movers and Metals Stocks columns and has been writing the weekly Commodities Corner column since Economic Calendar.

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