These plugins can be used to frame a video as a cropped non video, or straighten the horizon of your video. However, you can now download them for free. Here are the current download links as of June — for Windows — for Mac. Make sure to install these plugins before installing Insta Studio Although the tutorial uses Insta One X reviewed herethe tutorial also applies to other cameras, with the exception of the no-stitch feature:.

Insta Studio can work with videos up to 5. However, Insta Studio cannot create a reframed video from a photo. By contrast, VR Reframe can be applied to photos and can work with any format that is compatible with Premiere or After Effects. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

I think the biggest issue is most editing is done nowadays in Premiere. Hi Matt. Please let me know some of the things you would like to learn so that I can include them in the tutorial. I know PowerDirector has some editing features. I have only played around with it for a little bit myself but it seems to be a good alternative to Premiere for prosumers.

Hey Mic, are the plugins only for Creative Cloud? Thank you very much for posting these links Roland. Best regards, Mic. Hi, do you have any idea why after installed gopro vr plugins or gopro vr player, the plugin does not install to adobe, and the bridge between adobe premier and gopro is not working.

Looks like gopro vr player can not find adobe premier. I downloaded the gopro plugins and installed the. How do I undo what this file did?? I meant to reply to this earlier but I eventually fixed it and I wanted to share how.

When I installed the plugin it actually installed an extra file with premiere and after effects so when I uninstalled those files were still there and then still there on re install. I eventually found the exact file that was causing the issue bc of these leftovers. So when I installed the be plugin I then just deleted these files and now I have my gpu and opencl back working. Anyone uses them successfully with Premiere Pro ?

Hi Rod. I mean the article was updated June.Premiere plugin can be installed for Insta Stitcher version 1. The plugin can help directly import Pro video to edit and export in Premiere. Click next to continue the installation. Please note that you must close Premiere during the installation of Stitcher, or else the plug-in installation will fail. Click on the Import icon to import the folder where the original video is located. The current version only supports importing video files, not images.

Note that the folder path should be the disk path, not the shortcut path. For InstaPro video material, material with the original single-lens proportion of 9 can only choose Monoscopic when imported, material with the original single-lens proportion of 4: 3 can choose one from three arbitrarily when imported.

It is supported to import multiple folders at the same time for each import, but any video material that does not match the content type will be ignored. Clicking Import to import an 8K video folder. The source material area at the bottom left of premiere would immediately show the original video material, and has already shown the stitched attribute, the video material will be added to the timeline, and we found that when the video was played, the button for associated proxy video was turned on by default.

This is exactly the plug-in mechanism. When importing the original video of 8K resolution will generate a fast proxy, and the generation of the fast proxy file does not consume performance and time. Click on the stitching settings, video stitching attribute can be adjusted and previewed. Here the settings will be automatically invoked when the video is finally exported, and ultimately will be stitched and exported together with the video rendering.

The speed of the stitching export is the same as that of the stitcher, and both of them can accelerate the export of the hardware. As a result, panoramic video is processed efficiently, multiple video folders can be imported in batches, and we use Premiere for quick editing and export.

In accordance with methods described in 3.

insta360 plugin

Since we are editing 8K video, the playback of the video at this time depends on the performance of the computer. High-performance computers can play at the rate of 3fps per second. According to the methods described in 3. When we export the video, it will automatically render the video stitching and export, which greatly saves the stitching time.Using the the new Microsoft Edge? Get extensions from the new Microsoft Edge Addons Store.

With the Viewer Microsoft Edge extension, you can view videos and photos from many popular websites on your Windows Mixed Reality headset.

When a Windows Mixed Reality headset is plugged into your PC, view videos and photos in your headset from Microsoft Edge by clicking the Windows Mixed Reality icon that has been added to the video or photo. Websites that embed content from YouTube also work. Note: you can navigate to a website in Microsoft Edge on your desktop not in Edge in the Cliff houseplay a video and click on the Mixed Reality icon.

This will automatically launch Windows Mixed Reality and start playing the video in your headset as long as you have your headset plugged into your PC.

Version 2. The Windows Mixed Reality icon will not be visible on those videos. Our next update will address this. The extension now only runs when a headset is plugged in. The Windows Mixed Reality icon will only appear on videos when a headset is plugged in. I'd love for this to work, but it doesn't. The goggles icon shows up on the right videos as it should. When selected, the goggle display starts to form Cliffhouse goes away, exploding triangles opening and then it crashes back to the Cliffhouse.

No video is played. Sometimes it even takes out Edge as well. Un- and re-installing helps not. It should be automatically installed to Edge with the portal on the initial WMR headsets installation.

I really wish it let us view ALL videos on the web. I'm talking ALL of the videos that are out there on all the websites. So far I can only see this working with YouTube. Complete garbage, Microsoft again with yet another poor quality controlled app to go with their disastrous windows.

Everything that remotely works will be destroyed eventually and end up broken. The videos on youtube for example are split, top shows vertical, the bottom shows horizontal, so unwatchable, well done team!

Other apps work just fine! One day after I get my Lenovo Explorer, this drops. Thank You! I installed and then reinstalled the extension several times on a fully updated Windows 10 and Edge, but after viewing dozens of VR youtube videos trying every resolution offered from lowest to 8k. This extension appears to be completely broken at the time of writing this. If it worked consistently and all the time, id give it 5 stars for its simplicity.

However, getting it to work can be very difficult at times. Sometimes - the videos are mapped wrong It does not seem to work without VR controllers Most of the time - it launches the VR headset, loads for a few seconds and then closes. Curious to know if it works for others.

insta360 plugin

I've tried installing it twice. I've turned the extension on and have tried watching YouTube videos on the Edge browser on my desktop and in mixed reality. I get no icon in the videos and when I click the icon on the top right of the Edge browser it tells me that I need to plug in my headset.Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email.

For filmmakers shooting with the Insta Pro camera, the company promises faster editing and better quality thanks to the plugin. Thanks to a new extension soon to be released from Insta, the company says that the complete editing workflow, from initial import of raw camera views to final output, can now be handled inside of Premiere Pro. After all the cutting, editing, and application of effects is complete, the raw footage gets a high quality stitch and is rendered to a final output precisely based on the edits made to the proxy video.


Not only does this approach stand to save editors time in the post-production process, Insta says, but it also reduces the number of video processing passes. Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Road to VR. Hardware Reviews. Top Picks. Email Address:. TonyVT SkarredGhost. Latest Headlines. Apr 10, Apr 7, The industry's most important news in your inbox, daily.The free extension will be released during this quarter to users of Premiere Pro CC and later.

The extension allows users to start editing before ever stitching their original footage, drastically cutting down stitching time at the outset of a project. To accomplish this, it generates a proxy version of the full-quality footage — a quick-stitched, lower-resolution substitute. Once the proxy video has been generated, creators can trim it and apply any edits as they normally would in Premiere Pro.

The last step is to export the video. The upshot is that creators maximize their time, minimize compression, and lump in stitching with the final export, after all of their work is done.

Insta360 ONE R Premiere Pro Plugin: Desktop Editing Made Simple

Will the plugin also be available for After Effects? And what would be the workflow for with heavy graphical content? Super cool! Will we be able to adjust the horizon or stabilize the footage within premiere as well? If so, all these features will definitely speed up the post production of videos! Great work! Hi Gianfranco, Available now here! OK, understood — the insta stitcher includes the plugin. The stitcher asked me to update the software and there I found the info.

Your email address will not be published. The software can perform smoothly during editing — without the processor-dragging challenge of navigating and displaying an 8K video file. The video is only compressed a single time, during final export, ensuring maximum image quality.

insta360 plugin

In a traditional workflow, there would be two compressions — one during initial stitching and one during final export. Users can cut down the proxy version to exactly the parts that are necessary for their project. You May Also Like on April 6, Leave A Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.I recently recorded a lecture I gave in Stuttgart using the latest Insta One camera.

Since it is very difficult to stop an academic from talking the whole presentation took nearly one hour. The camera divided the recoding into several files, each around 4 GB.

This is probably because they wanted to be compatible with the old FAT32 file system. But the software cannot merge multiple videos into one, which I desperately needed.

Insta360 Collaborates with Adobe to Simplify 360° Video Production in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Insta is also offering a plugin for Adobe Premiere and After Effects. After installing the plugin I was able to import the INSV files into Premiere, but the image of one of the cameras was upside down. I contacted their technical support and they explained to me that the plugin is currently not working.

I have to admit that this workflow is rather inconvenient and I hope that Insta will either enable their editing software to merge movies or that they get their Adobe plugin working again. This seems another example of Banana Technology, it ripens at the user.

I did not try and they have also updated their software by now. I do no longer own their camera and are therefore unable to test. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content The Insta Adobe Plugin is not working. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions.

Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. The extension is included in the latest update to Insta Stitcherversion 1. In a traditional workflowthere would be two compressions — one during initial stitching and one during final export. For optimal performance of the new extensionInsta recommends a computer with the following specs:. Not the fastest one there is but it works fine with Stitcher and studio standalone applications. Any Ideas why, or if there is any workarounds?

The files were on an external drive, copied from the in-camera memory card. Hi there, may we know whether the file is complete? Since I don't know what's the resolution of the video and the model of your camera, I can't tell what file contains in the folder, please send us a screenshot about the folder for the further checking.

In addition, do the VID files be saved in an external driver? If so, please try to copy the files to the computer local driver, then import it again.

insta360 plugin

I have just updated to the latest version of the Instastitcher, also installed the no-stitch extension for Premiere, but I can't seem to be able to import the VID files. It does not show any videos in the importer window, nor does it import any of the files to Premiere. I too was afflicted by the Mac Premiere bug.

Insta360 Collaborates with Adobe to Simplify 360° Video Production in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Using most recent versions of all software. Premiere Pro became unusable. I had to uninstall the sofware and manually remove all plugins to get my system to work correctly again, even on non projects.

I found version 1. Works pretty well with premiere cc Since the Premiere is encoding and decoding six original 4k videos, there is lag generated when editing the project. We are finding some way to optimize the lag. Sorry for the inconvenience. After the fail of exporting, can you find a log. If so, you can send that log file to us for the further checking, maybe send to the chat here or our service email: service insta In addition, please try to clear media cache or re-install the Premiere to see if it works.

Please try to run the Premiere with administrators privilege when the other users on your computer. I have a pro2 and have been stitching the the raw footage to ProresHQ before editing in Premiere which has been working a treat

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