He was taken into custody by detectives of the Rio Rancho Police Department. The on duty arrest was due to a warrant for his arrest from the Rio Rancho PD.

world star hip hop beat by belt

According to the criminal complaint, Wharton beat his girlfriend so badly, she had several gashes on her head and face. Police say her injuries were so severe, she had to be taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain bleed. Some of the domestic incident was captured on the couples "RING" doorbell system. When Officer Wharton arrived for his shift at an area substation Rio Rancho Police officers were waiting for him armed with a felony warrant.

At one point you'll see they removed his duty belt and searched him. After the search they are seen on lapel video cutting off his fully marked uniform shirt.

world star hip hop beat by belt

Wharton was lead out of the substation to a waiting cruiser. Wharton resigned from APD shortly after this arrest. APD says Wharton had been with the department since November He was a senior officer with the department. His trial is pending. Posted By Ghost. X Actions. Report this video!

world star hip hop beat by belt

Your cooperation in making Worldstar a better site is always appreciated. Our team will now look into fixing this error. Click to copy the embed code. Comments will only be displayed by verified emails. No Spamming or Racism.Belt spanking. Popular Latest. All Long. Fap Vid Mature Album Tonic Movies Hard Pole Best And Free Tube Pleasure Cooch TV Big Porn Tube 3 Dirty Home Clips Ruler Tube Fox Porns HQ Hole Gold Porn Films Tube Home Tube Porn Large HD Tube Gold HD Tube Large Porn Films Tube Granny Cinema Porn Biz Spicy Tranny HD HD Sex Dino Tasty Movie Sex Pulse TV Infinite Tube Porn Span Caramel Mature Porn 24 TV Polar Porn HD Mature Pie Tubent Fap Vid HD Big Boobs Film Sexo 24 VATAA Prehistoric Tube Spicy Big Tits Video models, eye candy, or video vixens… Call them what you will, but these are the ladies who demanded your attention in your favorite music videos for ages.

It's hard to pinpoint which hip hop video started the video vixen craze, but 2 Live Crew is more than happy to take all of the credit. Many things have advanced with the decades, and hip-hop's music videos were not left behind.

The models changed appearances and styles right along with the music. What once started with skin-tight dresses and skirts, has now moved on to jaw dropping outfits that are barely there at all. Fast-forward to the 21st century and hip-hop has become a hit with most cultures, but the music has also been heavily criticized.

The main reasons for criticism have been the misogynistic lyrics along with the video vixens who star in the music videos. However, this has not stopped the vixen's rise in popularity. At one point its recurring model was almost just as famous as the music video itself. Now however, it's gotten so there are too many to count. Many vixens claim that video modeling has given them confidence and a sense of empowerment. Most have also moved on to acting, writing books, or managing their own brands.

A song may jump in your mind without notice and make you feel crazy, but what might actually drive you there is the image of beauty. You may not know her name, but her image stuck with you. Now is your chance to reminisce and get to know some of the hottest and memorable video vixens ever.

Here are 15 hottest video vixens from your favorite music videos. She actually got her start in a video with Tupac in However, she is still considered one of the hottest cougars around. LisaRaye was first featured in 2Pac's video for "Toss It Up", which coincidently turned out to be his last.

McCoy has been featured in a string of your favorite music videos ever since, but she wasn't your average video model. LisaRaye was mostly featured in the posing or acting role right next to the artist. LisaRaye starred in her first acting role with Ice Cube in his movie The Player's Club and has also acted in several other movies and shows. She still was catching videos and magazine covers inwhich proves that women can still be incredibly hot, even at Aside from being a sought after video model, Baxter has also graced the cover of many magazines including SmoothXXL, King and even Vibe.

She later moved on from modeling to acting and has played in several movies, one of which is about the life of a video vixen called Video Girl. Bow Wow has also given Esther Baxter the credit for taking his virginity at 16, although this has been strongly disputed by Baxter. Bow Wow claims that she most likely misunderstood the situation because he never told Esther that she was his first.From the start, hip-hop was about storytelling. Male and female rappers alike used wordplay, repetition and extended metaphor to relate experiences that were dark, violent, romantic or hopeful, casting themselves as hero, witness or seer.

Braggadocious lyrics about violence, sex, swagger and masculinity reign in a space where women, in most cases, are cast as either conquests or a faceless Greek chorus, their own stories largely ignored. They all had distinct variations in style, flow and lyrical content, but what each woman had in common was a fiercely independent voice and the power to remain consistently and resoundingly herself. She has described the scene in its early days as competitive and skill-based, but not without a gender bias.

But none of it affected me to a degree to where it mattered. There may have been setbacks but I never let get to me. The Native Tongues collective were known for their socially-conscious, largely positive lyrical content, but Latifah made a name for herself talking about issues in the lives of black women.

One of the only other female rappers in Native Tongues, Monie Love and Queen Latifah struck up a fast friendship after Latifah and Native Tongues travelled to the UK, where, at a show, they met the British rapper, who had been making noise in the underground scene there for years.

When Cheryl James and Sandra Denton joined forces inmuch of the record industry still believed hip-hop was a fad. Clad in short shorts and tight midriff-baring shirts, this duo ruled the sex-positive revolution of the 90s. Loaded with deceptively simple beats that reveal their complexity as they weave over, under, around and through textured melodies, the album is both warm and fresh, full of the jazz and soul influences that have become synonymous with the Philadelphia sound.

It was also the year her debut album, Ill Na Nadropped. From the moment critics got their first taste of Lauryn Hill on the Fugees album, Blunted On Realityshe was hailed as a star. Mixing neo-soul sounds with powerful feminist lyrics, Hill delved deep into the complications inherent in womanhood, motherhood, black femininity and the music business. They thought I needed to look like MC Lyte, wear sweat suits and all that.

After years of collaboration with the likes of Jodeci, Ginuwine and Aaliyah, Elliott headed into the studio with childhood friend and longtime collaborator Timbaland to work on her debut album. She was in stark contrast to many of the newer commercial female rappers who were scantily dressed and hypersexualised, working hard to appeal to a fanbase of young men.

Through her unique vision, Missy created a body of work that has cemented her position as one of the legends of modern music. The music is as layered and polychromatic as the woman herself.

Her domination of the verse is absolute, and her aesthetic sensibilities are one of a kind. Looking for more? Discover the politics of hip-hop.

The 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Beats of All Time

She shaped nothing. By the way time does not matter, she has done so much for the field. Go watch some documentaries and interviews on her, then you will appreciate what she does, and how much talent she possesses. I never heard her speak on that. She was wearing a goofy pink wig as I recall. But yeh even in her lyrics there is so much meaning. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Features Latest News. Share Tweet. Mike January 17, at pm. Paul May 30, at am. Um, what about Sweet Tee? Mzzy September 7, at pm.When it comes to music, there's no objective right or wrong, good or bad — but that never stops passionate music fans from sharing and defending their favorites.

From pop hooks to album covers to beats, we're rounding up some of the greatest of all time in music on Billboard. We spent months discussing, researching and reflecting on music from artists old and new, considering everything from sales to impact to innovation to longevity. The results won't please everyone — and that's as it should be. Everyone has their own takes on the greatest in music — this is ours.

Creating the perfect beat is a combined matter of timing, creative genius and just the right rapper to complement it. Read on for our countdown of the top 10 hip-hop beats of all time. Lil Wayne"A Milli," produced by Bangladesh. Perhaps the most influential beat of the 21st century, this Bangladesh banger single-handedly started a new wave of trap that took the early innovations of Atlanta cats like Shawty Redd and DJ Toomp to the future.

Nothing more than a hypnotically repetitive patois vocal sample from a ridiculously obscure Tribe Called Quest remix over an drum kit, it's ridiculously simple, but you could freestyle over it endlessly.

That rat-a-tat snare breakdown is the probably most copied drum fill in recent memory. Timbaland has always had a genius knack for crafting beats that sound like they're from the future.

Some have become outdated, but the one that still sounds the most like the year was given to Jay Z for his classic "Na What, Na Who? But their best instrumental slots in the latter. With "Drop It like It's Hot," the Virginia duo provided a breathable landscape comprised of fingersnaps, mouth clicks and a Juno synth that combined to form a beat that harnessed the pure keyboard sounds of the '70s and surrounded it with highly experimental percussion that paid off.

It was dizzying and satiating, all at once, playing background to some of the finest bars from the Bad Boy crew.

world star hip hop beat by belt

Wu-Tang Clan"C. The backdrop for Wu-Tang's most iconic song, this beat exemplified RZA's ridiculously prolific peak period. It all came together on "C. Dre has consistently doled out classic beats for his own albums as well as sets from a wide range of artists like Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani and Eminem.

Recalling the funk sound of Parliament Funkadelic and interpreting it in the rising genre of hip-hop at the time, the instrumental served as the undisputable foundation of an entire movement. This may have been the first hip-hop beat that could make you cry.

Y, who died in a freak accident on tour. Dilla later on. Producer Pete Rock was always known for his horn loops, and here he chose exactly the right one. It's been called "boom bap," and the drums that start this classic Nas highlight arguably the best album opener of all time could very well be the inspiration for the term.

Old school hip-hop's greatest instrumental masterpiece, and the best sample-free rap beat ever, made before the innovations of folks like Steinski, Rick Rubin and Marley Marl brought loops to the forefront. The mix of cascading synthesizers, guitar plucks and timbale fills was the perfect backdrop for what's widely hailed as the prototype for sociopolitically conscious rap.

Twelve years later, Ice Cube would jack the beat pretty much in entirety for "Check Yo Self," another hit with something to say.Also part of the week are panel discussions featuring respected living legends and icons of hip hop dance, the Chill Down Lounge for dancing and socializing after the evening competitions have concluded, the presentation of the Living Legend of Hip Hop Award and the Urban Moves Dance Workshops presented by the most celebrated hip hop dancers and choreographers.

Above all, dancers meet others from around the world equally passionate about hip hop culture and dance. Above all you will make new friends and meet others from around the world who are equally passionate about hip hop culture and dance. Dance crews, MegaCrews, Breakers, Poppers, Lockers and All Stylers from countries with no qualifying event may contact Hip Hop International to request a special invitation to participate.

We are confident that making this decision is in everyone's best interest. In fairness to all, Hip Hop International will expand registration in to include crews and dancers who qualified in as well as We will also permit crews with members aging out to remain together to compete in This is a unique time, but we will get through it together.

Stay strong, stay safe and stay healthy!WorldStarHipHop is a content-aggregating video blog. O'Denat referred to the site as the " CNN of the ghetto ". O'Denat later restarted it as a content aggregator.

O'Denat used the setup of OnSmash. O'Denat said that this led to tension between the two websites. He added "Once we went percent video, showing that original hood stuff, we prevailed. The P. The website is infamous for posting videos of violent fights, police brutality, public sexual actspublic shamingchild shaming, and child abuse. The Gothamist blog describes the site as "an Internet cesspool that's cashed in big on senseless fight videos.

[FREE] Lil Baby x Drake Type Beat - Rolls Royce - Free Type Beat

The site's popularity has created a sort of voyeuristic feedback loop, in which disassociated bystanders immediately videotape violent incidents and act as if they're already watching a video on the Internet". They comb the pop cultural landscape for videos that are shocking on multiple levels and feed into peoples' voyeuristic tendencies.

As ofin some videos of violent fights, people chant "World Star" in recognition that the video may be posted on the website. Edwards, beating another woman, went viral. On January 23,founder and CEO Lee "Q" O'Denat died of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease at the age of 43, with morbid obesity as a contributing factor.

O'Reilly said, "I believe the Secret Service should arrest the parents of this kid and the purveyor of the website Q ", calling it a "crime" that this was allowed up after the video was banned on other sites. WorldStarHipHop has been in cases involving lawsuits for copyright infringement. In one case, Scott v. WorldStarHipHop[20] a video surfaced of a fight between a man Scott and his current and former girlfriend. The video was recorded by a Mr. Seymour and posted to the site. Man Strong Arm's [sic] The Student.

Hitting Her With Body Shots.


He filed for a takedown notice so that WSHH would take down the video. He explained that WS did not have his permission to put up the video of the fight. Rapper 50 Cent also sued WorldStarHipHop in for using his image on their site without his permission.

He explained that O'Denat tarnished his image by having his image up on the site without his permission.

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